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I got started in this space by doing ETHGlobal hackathons... I would encourage anyone with any background to come into the ETHGlobal community.
Shannon Wells – LivepeerShannon Wells – Livepeer
Hackathons are the best way for developers to enter the Ethereum ecosystem. It's a new way of learning - about the technology & community at the same time.
Stani Kulechov – Founder, Aave CompaniesStani Kulechov – Founder, Aave Companies
Bringing together a virtual collective of passionate creatives, engineers, builders and more for a two-week long hackathon focused on decentralized media, Web3, and NFTs.
Karl Floersch – CTO, OptimismKarl Floersch – CTO, Optimism
One of the things that i love about ETHGlobal is like it really brings a lot of newcomers fresh you know minds in the ecosystem that come with different questions but often times bring new perspectives.
Julien Genestoux – Founder, Unlock ProtocolJulien Genestoux – Founder, Unlock Protocol
It doesn't matter if it's your first hackathon ⎯ this is a place where you'll get taught all the necessary tools for you to build.
Ana Belén – Espacio CryptoAna Belén – Espacio Crypto
My favorite part about ETHGlobal is that I could join a new hackathon every month if I wanted to. There is even a library of existing projects, so you can get inspiration when you want to build something of your own anytime
Dalvin Sejour - HackerDalvin Sejour - Hacker

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