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Dear Builders,

Mask Network brings privacy and benefits from Web3 to social media like Facebook & Twitter - with an open-sourced browser extension. Next.ID was initiated by the core team responsible for the development of Mask Network last year.

Next.ID is an open-source protocol designed for developers to create and manage identities. The Next.ID protocol acts as a secure conduit connecting various web2 and web3 identifiers, such as wallets, Twitter profiles, ENS names, Lens profiles, and more.

When a person's different identifiers are linked together, they form an identity graph, creating powerful, portable, and self-sovereign digital identities. We refer to these identities, digital representations of self, as Avatars at Next ID.

You can check out what Avatar is at here.

You can find more information on our official site: https://Next.ID

Our GitHub page: https://github.com/NextDotID

We are here to help you overcome any challenges:

Join our Community Telegram Group for quick assistance: https://t.me/NextDotIDofficial

For any questions, feel free to send an email to developer@next.id

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