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Push Protocol



Push Protocol is the communication protocol of web3. Push protocol enables cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services tied to wallet addresses in an open, gasless, and platform-agnostic fashion. The open communication layer allows any crypto wallet / frontend to tap into the network and get the communication across.

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Prize #1 - The Golden Fusion: Push All-Rounder Award

Prize: $2,000

Description: The illustrious bounty that awaits the intrepid integrator of Push notifications, Push Chat, and Push video is no ordinary prize. For instance, a web-based platform can leverage push notifications to inform users about new group chat sessions, where they can engage in real-time video discussions. Additionally, this integration can power interactive webinars, allowing presenters to deliver engaging presentations while participants actively participate through chat and video interactions. Moreover, incorporating these features into an online gaming platform can enable players to join group chats, receive real-time notifications, and even engage in video-based game streams, enhancing the social gaming experience.

Prize #2 - Best implementation of Conditional Gating with Push Chat

Prize: $1,800

Description: We invite developers to explore the capabilities of our Push Chat rules engine and implement conditional gating for online communities. The gating can include, but is not limited to, the following 🔽

Token Gated Group: Implement a rule that only allows users who hold XX number of a specific token to join the group

NFT Gated Group: Allow only users who hold a specific NFT to join the group

Multi-Chain Conditions: Enable users to join the group if they meet token holding requirements on either Ethereum or Polygon

Message Sending Conditions: Implement a rule that allows users to join a group with 1 token but requires 100 tokens to send a message within that group

Non-Web3 Conditions using Guild: Implement a rule where users must follow @pushprotocol on Twitter to join the group

Game Theories with Multiple Conditions: Create complex gating rules that combine one or more of the above conditions. For instance, a user needs 1 token on any chain to join but must hold 1000 tokens, or 1 NFT, or 20 POAPs to send messages.

Discover more: https://docs-v2.push.org/dev/chat/build/conditional-rules-for-group

Prize #3 - Pushing Boundaries Award (Most Creative Idea Using Push Protocol)

Prize: $1,200

Description: Most Creative or out-of-the-box Idea using the Push Protocol (that includes Notifications, chat, group chat, NFT chat, and Video), aims to encourage developers to come up with innovative and creative applications leveraging the Push Protocol. Participants would be judged based on their uniqueness, feasibility, and creativity!