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Tableland is a decentralized cloud database. Build on EVM chains with SQLite and develop with our (new!) Studio web app, smart contract, and SDKs. Or, try out our (alpha) data streaming protocol to bring web2 databases to web3 storage, starting with Postgres.


  • Build & deploy using the Studio: create an account, a project, define table(s), and deploy your app within the Tableland Studio web app. Bonus: use the Studio CLI tool to populate tables with data (import into deployed tables, write queries to explore, etc.). Be sure to share your Studio team name (top left corner of web UI) & dev address (top right corner) in the prize submission!
  • Use the Basin CLI tool to stream web2 Postgres database changes (e.g., AWS RDS, Google Cloud) to web3 storage. Note: requires you have superuser access to the Postgres db in order to provide access to Basin streaming. Be sure to share your web2 database & Basin setup information in the prize submission!

Getting Started

  • Docs (official): https://docs.tableland.xyz
  • Studio web app: https://studio.tableland.xyz
  • Studio CLI: https://github.com/tablelandnetwork/studio/tree/main/packages/cli
  • Basin CLI: https://github.com/tablelandnetwork/basin-cli