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Cartesi is an app-specific rollup protocol with a virtual machine that runs Linux distributions, creating a richer and broader design space for DApp developers.

Cartesi Rollups offer a modular scaling solution, deployable as L2, L3, or sovereign rollups, while maintaining strong base layer security guarantees.


Launch MVP on Testnet/Mainnet!

🥇1st Prize $5,000

🥈2nd Prize $3,000

🥉3rd Pool Prize $1,000 (x2)

You can develop a proof of decentralized concept application using Cartesi Rollups. For inspiration, you might want to use one of these components:

Decentralized SQLite.

Decentralized Geoprocessing library.

Cartesi Rollups asset deposit and withdrawal.

Decentralized OpenCV (Image Processing library).

Be creative. We encourage you to build novel applications using this stack without any constraints.

The easiest way to get started is to start building off of the Rollups examples. We want you to explore what can be built using Cartesi and these basic components.

Judging Criteria

While judging will lean towards projects that are full MVPs, a clean and creative implementation design or a whitepaper are also acceptable. We will score projects based on the following criteria, and each will be scored from 1 to 5 for a maximum of 25 points:

Product-market fit and economic viability.

Originality and innovation.

Implementation quality.

Technical complexity.

Level of completion.


This workshop is happening in-person
Make it rain billions/tx on a Linux VM
Time: 04:00 PM EDT – Sep 22, 2023
Location: Workshop Room 2

Getting Started