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Celo is the carbon-negative, mobile-first, EVM-compatible PoS blockchain where developers can build decentralized applications that create the conditions for prosperity — for everyone.


Celo Foundation will award 5 prizes to the best teams building for Access: onboarding the next billion users utilizing Celo and tools like Account Abstraction and mobile payments.

Best dApps on Celo blockchain

  • 🥇 1st Place: $3,000
  • 🥈 2nd Place: $2,000
  • 🥉 3rd Place: $1,000
  • 💱 Best dApp on Celo Building Real World Payments Solutions: $2,000
  • 🏆 Best dApp utilizing Account Abstraction or SocialConnect on Celo: $2,000


This workshop is happening in-person
Building dApps for Real World Use Cases
Time: 02:40 PM EDT – Sep 22, 2023
Location: Workshop Room 2

Getting Started

We've put together this starter project to help you get started quickly, using contracts already deployed to either testnet or Celo mainnet. The project provides: a storage example, how to iterate through a subgraph. 

Advanced developers can use Celo Composer from command-line to customize exactly what platform you want to build for: React, React Native (with or without Expo integration), Angular, or Flutter. It includes a Subgraph integration if you need it.

What to Build Ideas


Celo Docs

Celo Composer - quickly build, deploy, and iterate on your dApp using Celo Composer CLI - Celo composer tutorials


Need some testnet tokens? Use the alfajores faucet

Celo Academy