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Fuel is a modular execution layer that brings parallel transaction execution and hybrid proving to Ethereum and modular blockchains. Powerful and sleek, the technology empowers developers with the highest flexible throughput and maximum security required to scale. Developers choose the FuelVM for its superior developer experience and the ability to scale Ethereum beyond the EVM. Learn Sway to build applications on Fuel.Explore Fuel: Twitter Discord Forum


Play around and explore Fuel to easily win these prizes!

  1. Complete the mini challenges to get the rewards (first come first served up to some number of people so that we have funds for the grand prizes).
  2. Main prizes could be $500-$1000 depending the quality of the submission.

Main Prize Challenge


  1. Fork the application repository and pick an application to expand on then PR it back into the repo. Must include tests and pass CI.
  2. The more impressive it is the more likely to rank higher, no first come first served here like the mini challenges Act fast! Only available to the first 40 hackers it's first come, first served! ---

Mini Challenge 1: Get Started with Sway Playground - $50 Prize


  1. Fuel Development Environment: a. Set up the new Fuel wallet and get your testnet assets via this Faucet link b. Refer to the Documentation Hub for guidance Note: Make sure you are using the beta-4 wallet NOT on the chrome store
  2. *Transition to Advanced Tools using our *Quickstart: a. Use fuelup to install Fuel toolchain b. Get hands-on with our VSCode plugin c. Compose a contract and deploy it to beta-4 --- Mini Challenge 2: Dive Deeper and Win - $50 Prize


  1. Documented Discoveries: a. Browse the docs-hub documentation b. Share an intriguing aspect about Fuel that caught your attention c. Enlighten us with your unique point of view on Fuel: For example the concept of 'predicates' has always fascinated us, yet it's tough to articulate. Describe it in your own terms!
  2. Request & Suggest: a. Draft a well-articulated feature request with detail in it's functionality and highlight discrepancies or gaps in the current documentation b. Quality over quantity: Ensure thoroughness and clarity in your issue to prevent low-grade submissions


Getting Started