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[Gnosis Chain is a community-run, Beacon Chain EVM Layer-1 blockchain targeting top-notch security, resilience, and credible neutrality. Secured by a global network of over 150K validators, Gnosis Chain is one of oldest and most decentralized blockchains, second only to Ethereum.

Everything that you can run on Ethereum, you can run on Gnosis Chain.


  • 🦄 Frontend for UniSwap — $3,000
  • 🚫 Anti-plagiarism Service — $3,000
  • 🔐 Anti-sybil service - $3,000
  • ✅ Survey Service — $3,000
  • 🚚 Project Migration Tool — $3,000
  • 🎮 Games Infrastructure - $3,000
  • 💡 Innovation on Gnosis Chain - $2,000 (will be shared)

🦄 Frontend for UniSwap Prize: $3,000

UniSwap stands as a leading DeFi protocol across EVM-based chains. While it's available on the Gnosis chain, it lacks a user interface. Your task? Design a straightforward frontend for the existing UniSwap contracts on Gnosis

Uniswap Documentation

[UniswapV3 Factory] (https://gnosisscan.io/address/0xe32f7dd7e3f098d518ff19a22d5f028e076489b1#code)







[NonfungibleTokenPositionDescriptor:] https://gnosisscan.io/address/0x4ce075e640649ea45fc55ac0e301ff75c4cd0f0c#code and https://gnosisscan.io/address/0x7b8a01b39d58278b5de7e48c8449c9f4f5170613#code

TransparentUpgradeableProxy: https://gnosisscan.io/address/0x070b849e8f2704bec603a1dd5de26acfe48d1896#code and https://gnosisscan.io/address/0x32681814957e0c13117ddc0c2aba232b5c9e760f#code

V3Migrator: https://gnosisscan.io/address/0x16dd75c567a07082452ab56fd1e673987289e6ef#code and https://gnosisscan.io/address/0x78d78e420da98ad378d7799be8f4af69033eb077#code

QuoterV2: https://gnosisscan.io/address/0x7e9cb3499a6cee3babe5c8a3d328ea7fd36578f4#code and https://gnosisscan.io/address/0xed0d35e600ff40ac6c598c5b29468af22400fa66#code

SwapRouter02: https://gnosisscan.io/address/0xc6d25285d5c5b62b7ca26d6092751a145d50e9be#code and https://gnosisscan.io/address/0x8e041632b77fd2a23bd4d9543c0b8a0039b481b4#code

Permit2 UniversalRouter



You don't need to implement a full product; it's better to tackle one feature at a time.

🚫 Anti-plagiarism service Prize: $3,000

Finding a unique hackathon idea can be challenging. It's even more disheartening to discover post-event that your concept wasn't original. How about developing a service to cross-reference ideas with those from past hackathons?

Possible features

  • Search for related projects
  • Upload repository (documentation)
  • Claim SBT token with proof of ownership (contribution)
  • COmpare code similarities (within documentation)
  • Integrate projects from established hackathon platforms.

You don’t need to implement a full product - you can go feature by feature.

🔐 Anti-sybil service Prize: $3,000

In the Web3 industry, most projects can't distinguish between personal, corporate, or bot wallets. This situation creates potential for Sybil attacks on the protocol (like airdrop hunting, facets abusing, claiming other free resources by bots, etc.). A few solutions for this already exist (like identity protocols, Web3-captures, SBT tokens, etc.) but the cost, speed and cross-chain solutions (like Hashi or other bridges) of Gnosis Chain allow for the creation of next-level anti-sybil services. Are you up to the task?

Possible ideas

  • Identity Protocol Aggregator: make a one-point service for interaction with a variety of identity protocols on other chains
  • Wallet Activity Behavior Analysis: A tool to discern whether the wallet activities are orchestrated by humans or bots.

Remember: you don’t need to implement a full product - it's better to go feature by feature.

Survey service Prize: $3,000

Platform for creating surveys and engaging with community members

Possible features

  • Create personal profile (SBT with profile, statistics, etc)
  • Create cohort-specific surveys featuring prize draws (and create POAPs for all participants)
  • Statistic cleaner for collected data

Remember: you don’t need to implement a full product - it's better to go feature by feature.

🚚 Tool to migrate projects to Gnosis chain from another EVM Prize amount: $3,000

There are a lot of services and dApps that are widely used on other EVM chains. Consider creating a service that helps to migrate projects from one EVM chain to another.

Possible workflow

  • Input contract address to download a code
  • Service check reference smart contracts, advise addresses of analogy contracts on Gnosis chain
  • Deploy fixed code to Gnosis Chain (possible gasless deploy)
  • Advise improvements of UI

You don’t need to implement a full product, it is best to go feature by feature.

🎮🌠 Games Infrastructure Prize: $3,000

The GameFi is dead; long live the GameFi. Let’s reinvent Web3 games by providing more than just play-to-earn mechanics. With Gnosis Chain, it is possible to implement true on-chain games (with 1 xDai you can mint 2000 NFTs and the average block time is just 5 sec).

Possible ideas

  • Matching engine for players in p2p game
  • Betting for game (look at Azuro and connect it to game)
  • Turn-based strategy or other games that could store state on-chain

We don’t expect that you will create an AAA game during the hackathon and everything will work perfectly. Take an already existing open-source game and turn it into an on-chain game.

Don’t worry if you face some troubles that will not allow you to make a stable project. In this case, prepare documentation and tests that help to reproduce your problems.

💡 Innovate on Gnosis Chain **Project: $2,000 (shared)

Have an idea that wasn't listed above? Bring it on! Show us your vision, use case, and earn brownie points for a sound business model (if relevant). Unleash your creativity - all innovative projects are welcome. The sky (or should we say the blockchain?) is the limit!


  • Deploy at least one smart contract on testnet or mainnet for a share of our prize pool
  • Jot down the contract’s address in the README
  • Ensure the contract address has at least 2 successful transactions within the hackathon timeframe
  • Tweet a description of your project using # and link to the tweet in Readme.md.
  • Please do not build a project related to Gnosis Pay as there is no technical documentation for it it

You don’t need to pitch your idea to us. All we need is your submission. 👍

🧾 Submission Essentials:

  • A living, breathing product (testnet or mainnet is cool)
  • Open Source code we can launch
  • Documentation

🏆 How We'll Judge:

  • Vision and use case
  • Working version of the DApp
  • Usability
  • Business model (if applicable)


Getting Started

Gnosis Builders Resources includes project ideas, workshops, guides, tools, directories, and more

Gnosis Chain Official Documentation

Other Resources:

Gnosis Faucet - the official xDai faucet for Gnosis Chain (Note: if the faucet is empy, please text @tacid on Telegram)

RPC Server Address for Gnosis mainnet: https://rpc.gnosis.gateway.fm and https://rpc.gnosischain.com

RPC Server Address for Chiado testnet: https://rpc.chiado.gnosis.gateway.fm and https://rpc.chiado.gnosis.gateway.fm

Gnosis Chain Recommended Bootnodes

Gnosis Chain Gas Tracker

You can auto-config your wallet on Gnosis mainnet via https://chainlist.org/chain/100

You can auto-config your wallet on Chiado testnet via https://chainlist.org/chain/10200