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Mona's mission is to empower people worldwide to create, collect, and share the highest quality immersive experiences on the blockchain, growing the Open Metaverse.


$1,500 x 2

(1) Best website or web app that uses Mona spaces and avatars in an interesting way

  • e.g. Website with a button each time you click, you enter a different mona space
  • e.g. Website that lets you easily create and share a scheduled event inside of a mona space

Mona 500 x 4

(2) Best interactive components built using visual scripting inside of the

If you need an API from Mona for the Mona bounties, but it's not currently available (like an API to identify the user's wallet), you're allowed to create a custom mock or fake API to finish your hackathon project. However, you must explain what was missing. Mona may consider adding the missing functionality later.


Getting Started

Documentation: here

Video Tutorial on building: here

There is an additional workshop that Mona did for Encode's hackathon. Please review that for information concerning visual scripting.